Friday, April 30, 2010

My mad Rant

one day Im going to meet someone or a group of people that just totally get me like they don't have to wonder that hard whats wrong with me or can just get what Im thinking and know its probably not good if I didn't say it out loud, like Im just sick of hearing what the heck is wrong with you you getting attitude for no reason well clearly there is a reason if Im getting mad I just don't turn from happy to mad or sad (not all the time) and plus you should know what is wrong with me or at least have a slight clue like stop asking me stupid questions it makes me wanna punch you in the face every time you ask me stupid question like I know your not really that stupid gosh, you know people in general annoy me sometimes like sometime I just wish I could make everyone go away when I want them to or at least block them out cause I cant handle it sometime and then I never say what I want to say cause I don't want to cause any problems cause then that's just a butt load of people getting on my cause when it most likely had nothing to do with them and I mean you cant really do a good dramatic stomp out if you have no car to leave in and your not at home so I don't want to have to deal with all of that like its not worth it (probably) to say what i want to to someone and anyways for me to get everything off my chest with out actually hitting someone or something I would need a moderator there and maybe a bodyguard to break things up....ugh okay I feel a tiny bit better now that I ranted as much as I can and now that I just told you bout how crazy I really am hahaha alright Im gonna go blast some music in my room with door locked so I can be as cut off from the world as I possible can

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