Thursday, November 28, 2013

I will commit...possibly...probably not

As the title says I will commit to doing this whole blogger thing, though I am a liar so it is more than likely I am just lying to myself.
Well that wasn't really a paragraph and possibly wasn't a proper sentence, but I am making it one. Anyways so I haven't been on here since Easy A came out which was a long time ago so you would think I had a lot to tell right? Wrong. Sadly nothing too major has happened in my life. I graduated high school in 2012, I am in my Second Year of college as a Biology Major: Genetics Concentration; Minor Chinese. I finally got a freaking job this July, technically June but let us not get into that, I really enjoy working there, but I am SUPER lazy so all this work is like "ugh dude what the hell, when is nap time?" and now I am planning for a study abroad trip to China this summer. See nothing really happened, I just summed up two years of my life in one poorly constructed paragraph.
Oh! I can't believe I almost forgot, I also got the cutest little fucker ever last year. My little shit of a cat Glenn Coco is just too cute that it pisses me off. She gets away with so much simply because she is cute. Just look at this little cutie

So since that gives a basic gist of what I have done thus far I guess I am done for now. I just looked at some of the post I’ve made on here and I have to say they really suck. If I am going to do this more I don't want to continue to do shit. I mean those post are really bad I am ashamed of my younger self.
Well thats all see you later 一会儿见大家。

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Easy A

Beyond Funny
this movie made my night before I even went to go see it.Just getting out of the car about to go into the movie theater was funny mainly because I realized that I wore two different shoes to the movies unknowingly so I had to wear my brother's shoes before going in the movies so my size 6 in boys foot had to try and fill his size 8 men's so that was like a huge failure but at least they matched.Okay so back to the movie this movie was amazingly funny I love it this movie is up there with Mean Girls or as Alex Evans puts it "Mean Girls on crack" and I have to agree with this statement Easy A takes high school humor to a new level you will be laughing from the time the movie starts and you will not be disappointed at anytime during the movie like there isn't a corny or extremely bad ending that makes you hate the entire movie I don't want to say to much because I don't want to give the whole movie away so all I'm going to say is
See the movie!! do not miss this movie if you loved/liked Mean Girls your going to love this movie so See it right now!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Mothers Jewelry Box?

today I posted my first look on and I think it came out pretty nice I had no accessories so I borrowed a ring and a watch from my mom you cant really see them in the picture I posted so her they are now..the pictures are kinda blurry cause I had to take them myself and they were really close to the camera.

I also did my first clonning today and it came out really well I am really happy how nice it came out just wish I had more light.I actually did another one but I didnt save it right so yeah tell me what you think of this one.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The New Look
So if you havent heard is now open to everyone and of course I made one I have yet to add any looks yet cause my camera will not upload my pictures but I will have that fixed as soon as possible cause to day I took some nice looks with the help of my lovely mother how brought me a tripod finally cause she didn't want to take my pictures any more haha so I will be taking more pictures of my looks I took today with my tripod so as soon as Canon is open (hopefully tomorrow) I will call them and get a new disk and post some looks so I wont wast space on the ever so lovely (do you think I plugged it in enough haha) and once I upload a post I will come and write another blog to my invisible readers who's name is probably Bob lol

um here is the link to my page if you wanna go look at nothingness:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Movies,Music and Festivals...oh and School

Right now life is kinda on its slow time, schools almost out AP exam is only 1 week away I might be going to get my permit and my birthday is coming up I know nothing to do right just boring! I know but that's why I am going to invest my time in writing movies listing to music and hopefully going to a festival...oh and reading a new blog I found by someone on facebook I don't know her but her blog is pretty good but first lets start with Movies,
I am in the mist of making a movie I want to make a thriller I have an idea in my head I just need to figure out how to wright it all out and make dialogue for the characters like once I can make since of the plot of the story I can do everything else I don't plan on making the movie myself I want to send it to a real director and let them read it and hopefully they like it and something happens.
Music well what can you say about music that has not already been said music is dead music is not how it use to be music is nothing but sex drugs and money blah blah blah well its all right and frankly I'm tired of it I want something good and not just so ugh, music from my parents time and some even from their parents time is real music and they didn't just come out and say Hey I basically want to F**k you and then leave and there were real word to the song not made up crap put to a good beat like what the heck is a papa gapa jrap dapa like really you let your kids listen to that crap no wonder most kids are dropping out of school and getting pregnant at super young ages and cant speak at least good English it doesn't have to be proper but I at least want to be able to understand what you are saying like come on grow up and speak clear English.
I'm not the only one that thinks that there is a need for real music now a days cause the crap we call good music is not good at all and her name is.....well actually I don't know her name I found her on facebook when I was going through this guys stuff trying to figure out were I knew him from cause his name and his face looked really familiar he just looked super old but hes actually the same age as me...any ways back to the girl with the website yes its a real website that she pays for so clicking on links would be helpful hers her Website so you guys can go check it out and read her reviews on different bands and see when concerts are coming the latest group she reviewed is called A Gain and they are from Greece and they are really good if you like indie rock (is that a genre??) and soulful lyrics then I suggest that you check them out you can learn more about them at her website which I am going to list again .
I really want to go to an IFC and/or Sundance Festival cause I love their movies and just everything about them when I had like all the channels I stayed on Sundance I didn't have IFC so I couldn't watch there movies but I did recently I watched a movie called Accomplices and it was really good I believe they are having the Tribeca Movie Festival right now I'm pretty sure they make that festival either way there are some really good movies being made and released at these festivals and I would love to go to one and watch all of the movies, that's why I'm making a movie script hoping that someone will read it and like it enough to make a movie or short film out of it and then we get invited to one of those festivals like I don't major fame or anything I just want to go to a festival that's all. like with my movie concept that I mentioned earlier I can see most of it in my head like were it is how its going to look color wise and now thanks to the band A Gain I can even hear the music (which also gave me a new scene idea/movie) like I can so hear them playing a song for the movie but first I got to finish thinking it through.
only one more week left in school (I'm not counting this week cause it already started)this means I only have two to one week to get my grades up cause they are so not what my grades should be this year its been a really bad year this school year but next year will be different I'm gonna make my normal grades and better cause I'm pretty sure I have AP Lang. Pre Calculus which I plan to make AP either that year or next year, Advance Band, and Physics that's the only things I heard from my consular when she told me what I was taking next year cause she was not going to change it.. you know its a long story(not really I just don't want to go into it cause I'm being lazy haha) so yeah I'm going to be busy next year cause I think I'm taking two AP classes but you know how schedules are they always change and who knows if I'm even going to be at that school next year but this year well this week I have to stay after school Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and hopefully not Friday cause I really don't want to stay on Friday I already don't want to stay after on Thursday for band I would rather be staying after for AP World History seeing how are exam is coming up but hey at least I can stay on Tuesday and maybe band will end early enough for me to make it to History also cause it ends at 5.
well that's all for now I got to go to bed getting a headache and I have to wake up at 6:30 tomorrow for school and I cant be late cause I have to go get my student ID so I can take my AP exam that is next week on the 13th so...
Love on a Pinkie and Peace To the World

Friday, April 30, 2010

My mad Rant

one day Im going to meet someone or a group of people that just totally get me like they don't have to wonder that hard whats wrong with me or can just get what Im thinking and know its probably not good if I didn't say it out loud, like Im just sick of hearing what the heck is wrong with you you getting attitude for no reason well clearly there is a reason if Im getting mad I just don't turn from happy to mad or sad (not all the time) and plus you should know what is wrong with me or at least have a slight clue like stop asking me stupid questions it makes me wanna punch you in the face every time you ask me stupid question like I know your not really that stupid gosh, you know people in general annoy me sometimes like sometime I just wish I could make everyone go away when I want them to or at least block them out cause I cant handle it sometime and then I never say what I want to say cause I don't want to cause any problems cause then that's just a butt load of people getting on my cause when it most likely had nothing to do with them and I mean you cant really do a good dramatic stomp out if you have no car to leave in and your not at home so I don't want to have to deal with all of that like its not worth it (probably) to say what i want to to someone and anyways for me to get everything off my chest with out actually hitting someone or something I would need a moderator there and maybe a bodyguard to break things up....ugh okay I feel a tiny bit better now that I ranted as much as I can and now that I just told you bout how crazy I really am hahaha alright Im gonna go blast some music in my room with door locked so I can be as cut off from the world as I possible can

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I think I love her

I love that song "I think I love her" by gucci mane that song is hot "I met a girl name susie I let her join my group I know she ain't a groupie so I let her in my coupe I snached her in my fendier while I stashed her in my tire Susie is a money maker but that bitch a liar...I think I love her nigga you don't love me you don't I know I love her nigga you don't love me you don't love me" I freaking love that song
Okay so I know I said I was going to posting one like last week but I was busy like I had so much fun this week I love hanging with my oldest sister like me and her were crazy but there's really not that much to say about my weekend or much I remember haha but I did get like the best Chinese food that is not from china today and even though someone like totally pissed me off it was still good man like I have been waiting for this food for 3 years! 3 long years and man when I tell you that I thought I was going to drop the food like no lie I almost cried like we weren't even near getting out the car cause we had like 2 other stops to make but I was just sitting there think what if I did and just thinking about made me get all teary eye shot I would have been like a crake féin if that food had drop just on the floor scooping it up and crying...whoa let's stop talking about it cause I'm bout to cry and I don't even know why cause I still got my food...okay I gathered myself man that Wong Wok is no joke they throw down in that resturant shot they waiters might be rude when it comes to their tips cause they will straight out ask you if you gonna take of them but shot I wouldn't care cause the food makes up for it.
yeah okay enough with the food let's talk about my kids that I don't have to feed take care of or nothing you know the best type of kid will yesterday I got another one she is so cute and don't make a sound she just stares the only thing is she lost my bracelet but we still cool cause she don't go to anyone else but me her mom and her dad she don't even mess with my sister she be like naw shawty yo kid tryin take my dad we ain't cool now but I tell my sister she like me and no one else cause I'm fly like look at me I'm super fine so of course she gonna want me like duh haha but yeah so she's now one of my kids I got like 6 but one she's mean to me and she trying to steal my mom so no she's on my waiting list I don't if my niece will ever get back on my child list cause she just straight play me all the time and she will tell me what to do like little girl your only 2 stop being so mean I swear little kids these days.
Omg I swear we been looking for a bathroom for this chick for like 20 minutes like I need to get home my leg is hurting and my whole left arm like the musle I hurting on that and you making this trip longer than it needs to be it's already 17 hours long we don't need no extra time added