Monday, April 5, 2010

I think I love her

I love that song "I think I love her" by gucci mane that song is hot "I met a girl name susie I let her join my group I know she ain't a groupie so I let her in my coupe I snached her in my fendier while I stashed her in my tire Susie is a money maker but that bitch a liar...I think I love her nigga you don't love me you don't I know I love her nigga you don't love me you don't love me" I freaking love that song
Okay so I know I said I was going to posting one like last week but I was busy like I had so much fun this week I love hanging with my oldest sister like me and her were crazy but there's really not that much to say about my weekend or much I remember haha but I did get like the best Chinese food that is not from china today and even though someone like totally pissed me off it was still good man like I have been waiting for this food for 3 years! 3 long years and man when I tell you that I thought I was going to drop the food like no lie I almost cried like we weren't even near getting out the car cause we had like 2 other stops to make but I was just sitting there think what if I did and just thinking about made me get all teary eye shot I would have been like a crake féin if that food had drop just on the floor scooping it up and crying...whoa let's stop talking about it cause I'm bout to cry and I don't even know why cause I still got my food...okay I gathered myself man that Wong Wok is no joke they throw down in that resturant shot they waiters might be rude when it comes to their tips cause they will straight out ask you if you gonna take of them but shot I wouldn't care cause the food makes up for it.
yeah okay enough with the food let's talk about my kids that I don't have to feed take care of or nothing you know the best type of kid will yesterday I got another one she is so cute and don't make a sound she just stares the only thing is she lost my bracelet but we still cool cause she don't go to anyone else but me her mom and her dad she don't even mess with my sister she be like naw shawty yo kid tryin take my dad we ain't cool now but I tell my sister she like me and no one else cause I'm fly like look at me I'm super fine so of course she gonna want me like duh haha but yeah so she's now one of my kids I got like 6 but one she's mean to me and she trying to steal my mom so no she's on my waiting list I don't if my niece will ever get back on my child list cause she just straight play me all the time and she will tell me what to do like little girl your only 2 stop being so mean I swear little kids these days.
Omg I swear we been looking for a bathroom for this chick for like 20 minutes like I need to get home my leg is hurting and my whole left arm like the musle I hurting on that and you making this trip longer than it needs to be it's already 17 hours long we don't need no extra time added

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