Thursday, April 1, 2010

17 hours in a car

Yay!!!!! Cheers!!!! Whippy!!!
I am finally in Springfield Massachusetts it only took 17+ hours but were here and oh my gosh I am so ready to get out of this car like two freaking days have been wasted in this car and for what some food gosh I swear if my sister wasn't so funny and the food wasn't so darn good I would have stayed home cause I'm like 75% sure that I'm sick or atleast getting sick it never fails I always seem to get sick on long breaks not to mention that my lip ring has been hurting for like the entire trip.
Speaking of my lip ring my next blog will be about what happen when we (Denzel, mom, and I) went to get a piercing and if I can figure it out on my phone there well be a video of each of us

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