Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Break 2010

okay so this is going to be a really quick post because I'm literally about to leave to go to my home town for spring break but they don't know so its a big secret idk why they want it to be a surprise to be honest I think surprises are just rude like what if that person was doing something and you just pop up like no don't be showing up to my door all unannounced and stuff but anyways I'm leaving now and I won't be back till Monday my friend is like mad cause he had this whole break planned out and now he has to go with someone else but I haven't been home since like 8th grade and I really want some Wong Wok the best Chinese food I've ever had the only part I hate is the paking and the fack that it's 16 hours to drive there and I have no car charger ugh this is going to be a long two days. So you know what I'm going to be doing what do you have planed for this week off and if you have nothing planed than you have like the best plan lol cause having nothing to do sometimes is the best thing to do so comment and tell me what you got lined up ;D

oh and I might be posting over the week cause I can post from my phone now and I was planning on posting yesterday but it was to late to so yeah be expecting a new post like every week or so hopefully I have a bad memory lol okay I gotta get off before I waste my battery

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is this my Cold Medicine or Midol?

wow I haven't been on this in minute gosh that's sad seeing how I just started, but really I just had nothing to write really nothing really happen since I last was on here well at least not at once so I just decide to wait and write them all together oh and there will be no pictures in this blog either.
okay so I had a pretty busy week on Wednesday I had to stay after school and it was like pouring and I was so tired I really did not want to go to school let alone stay after but it was for this program that can get you a job or an internship so I had to go cause only someone that gets everything they want or just don't want to do anything for them self would pass up on something like that (of course if you just couldn't but you wanted to that's a different story) also on Wednesday and Friday I had to finish this language arts project I had to do that was do like 3 weeks ago and that was pretty hard because I couldn't find a female sonnet writer during the renaissance era so that took two days not to mention that I was sick on Wednesday and we had no school Friday so I totally forgot that I had to finishes that project and get it turned it on time so I took cold medicine which turned out to be Midol and I gave two to my mom and me hahaha and then she had found the actually cold pills and at the time I had no idea what the heck we just took but anyways I took the cold pills and they had me so tired it was crazy and by the time I realized that I had to finished the project I was like so high on cold medicine I could barely stay focused but at least my sonnet came out good I had my mom reread it so I know that it was good and I didn't have like random letters in it, cause I even sent a message to my friend that I don't even remember texting.
Well seeing how I am still sick and my brother wants his computer and this blog is going absolutely no were now I'm going to go to sleep so I can get rid of this cold

oh and p.s I hate birds oh my gosh for the past two days they have woken me up the first day they woke me up at 6:13, 6:13 are you serious I don't even wake up that early on school days and then today they wok me up at 8 and wouldn't stop chirping until I feed them like are you kidding me your birds for crying out loud why are you trying to run my life.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Adderley's and the McCrae's playing cards together!!!!

"Family Game Night Brings the Family Closer".....Yeah right!

So today I went to my aunts house for a little cook out and to play Uno with my little cousin Khamani who by the way gave me 2 of my 4 wins and let me just tell you this playing cards with my cousins, my mom, and I is no joke we take it so seriously lol so I dont get why they say have a game night I think families that want to break up have game nights.
But even though we played Uno and there was a butt load of cheating and sore losers and winners(mostly me)we still had a good time there was no cards flying this time(insider lol) and there was some good food cooked by the chef Alexis and some pretty good pictures taken by mostly my two little cousins Khamani and Kamille
Here are some of the pictures they took

A picture of Toya
Taken by Kamille

The Cook Alexis


Sorry Alexis if I spelled it wrong

Khamani drinking all of my Starbucks
(she lucky she gave away 2 wins to me)

Those are some of the pictures we took I was going to add more but that would just take up way to much time and I dont want this to be just pictures.

Oh and also today I saw The September Issue if you havent seen it and you have some intereste in fashion you should see it its like the real life The Devil Wears Parda its really good Anna is kinda scary but you can tell shes nice so I recommend watching it cause its good and I think getting to understand fashion allows you to understand a lot more things than before...oh and check out the hat I brought yesterday and my outfit

I think I look a Jonas with those white pants but I also think I look darn good ;D

I got this hat from Earthbound its not the hat I was going for but I liked it much better yesterday than I did the other hat

Friday, March 5, 2010

Today was a Great day

So today was a pretty bomb day, do people still say that "bomb" huh I wounder gosh its really sad that I don't know what words are in anymore oh well, anyways as I was saying today was pretty good I had a good day at school it wasn't great but it wasn't bad I would say the best classes I had were 1st 4th and 6th.
1st period was good cause I got a 100 on a 6 minute lab my first time going and I finished at 4 something so that's the only reason I liked that class and I always like 4th period cause its World History.
6th was good cause I had a sub and I didn't do my work because I "checked" this really smart and super nice girl in my class work and I didn't even have to pay to do so either unlike the first person I was going to.
and then after school I went to go see Alice in 3D and it was pretty good I would give it an 8 the best characters were the red queen and the cat and the Hatter was okay his dance was the ish though I gotta say and thats really all I did today but it was still a really good day besides the fact that I feel nausea now and I really have to use the bathroom because I had a monster at the mall today so I think Im done here

I took these pictures today just for this blog there might be more tomorrow