Thursday, November 28, 2013

I will commit...possibly...probably not

As the title says I will commit to doing this whole blogger thing, though I am a liar so it is more than likely I am just lying to myself.
Well that wasn't really a paragraph and possibly wasn't a proper sentence, but I am making it one. Anyways so I haven't been on here since Easy A came out which was a long time ago so you would think I had a lot to tell right? Wrong. Sadly nothing too major has happened in my life. I graduated high school in 2012, I am in my Second Year of college as a Biology Major: Genetics Concentration; Minor Chinese. I finally got a freaking job this July, technically June but let us not get into that, I really enjoy working there, but I am SUPER lazy so all this work is like "ugh dude what the hell, when is nap time?" and now I am planning for a study abroad trip to China this summer. See nothing really happened, I just summed up two years of my life in one poorly constructed paragraph.
Oh! I can't believe I almost forgot, I also got the cutest little fucker ever last year. My little shit of a cat Glenn Coco is just too cute that it pisses me off. She gets away with so much simply because she is cute. Just look at this little cutie

So since that gives a basic gist of what I have done thus far I guess I am done for now. I just looked at some of the post I’ve made on here and I have to say they really suck. If I am going to do this more I don't want to continue to do shit. I mean those post are really bad I am ashamed of my younger self.
Well thats all see you later 一会儿见大家。