Monday, September 6, 2010

The New Look
So if you havent heard is now open to everyone and of course I made one I have yet to add any looks yet cause my camera will not upload my pictures but I will have that fixed as soon as possible cause to day I took some nice looks with the help of my lovely mother how brought me a tripod finally cause she didn't want to take my pictures any more haha so I will be taking more pictures of my looks I took today with my tripod so as soon as Canon is open (hopefully tomorrow) I will call them and get a new disk and post some looks so I wont wast space on the ever so lovely (do you think I plugged it in enough haha) and once I upload a post I will come and write another blog to my invisible readers who's name is probably Bob lol

um here is the link to my page if you wanna go look at nothingness:

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