Friday, March 5, 2010

Today was a Great day

So today was a pretty bomb day, do people still say that "bomb" huh I wounder gosh its really sad that I don't know what words are in anymore oh well, anyways as I was saying today was pretty good I had a good day at school it wasn't great but it wasn't bad I would say the best classes I had were 1st 4th and 6th.
1st period was good cause I got a 100 on a 6 minute lab my first time going and I finished at 4 something so that's the only reason I liked that class and I always like 4th period cause its World History.
6th was good cause I had a sub and I didn't do my work because I "checked" this really smart and super nice girl in my class work and I didn't even have to pay to do so either unlike the first person I was going to.
and then after school I went to go see Alice in 3D and it was pretty good I would give it an 8 the best characters were the red queen and the cat and the Hatter was okay his dance was the ish though I gotta say and thats really all I did today but it was still a really good day besides the fact that I feel nausea now and I really have to use the bathroom because I had a monster at the mall today so I think Im done here

I took these pictures today just for this blog there might be more tomorrow

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