Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Adderley's and the McCrae's playing cards together!!!!

"Family Game Night Brings the Family Closer".....Yeah right!

So today I went to my aunts house for a little cook out and to play Uno with my little cousin Khamani who by the way gave me 2 of my 4 wins and let me just tell you this playing cards with my cousins, my mom, and I is no joke we take it so seriously lol so I dont get why they say have a game night I think families that want to break up have game nights.
But even though we played Uno and there was a butt load of cheating and sore losers and winners(mostly me)we still had a good time there was no cards flying this time(insider lol) and there was some good food cooked by the chef Alexis and some pretty good pictures taken by mostly my two little cousins Khamani and Kamille
Here are some of the pictures they took

A picture of Toya
Taken by Kamille

The Cook Alexis


Sorry Alexis if I spelled it wrong

Khamani drinking all of my Starbucks
(she lucky she gave away 2 wins to me)

Those are some of the pictures we took I was going to add more but that would just take up way to much time and I dont want this to be just pictures.

Oh and also today I saw The September Issue if you havent seen it and you have some intereste in fashion you should see it its like the real life The Devil Wears Parda its really good Anna is kinda scary but you can tell shes nice so I recommend watching it cause its good and I think getting to understand fashion allows you to understand a lot more things than before...oh and check out the hat I brought yesterday and my outfit

I think I look a Jonas with those white pants but I also think I look darn good ;D

I got this hat from Earthbound its not the hat I was going for but I liked it much better yesterday than I did the other hat

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