Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is this my Cold Medicine or Midol?

wow I haven't been on this in minute gosh that's sad seeing how I just started, but really I just had nothing to write really nothing really happen since I last was on here well at least not at once so I just decide to wait and write them all together oh and there will be no pictures in this blog either.
okay so I had a pretty busy week on Wednesday I had to stay after school and it was like pouring and I was so tired I really did not want to go to school let alone stay after but it was for this program that can get you a job or an internship so I had to go cause only someone that gets everything they want or just don't want to do anything for them self would pass up on something like that (of course if you just couldn't but you wanted to that's a different story) also on Wednesday and Friday I had to finish this language arts project I had to do that was do like 3 weeks ago and that was pretty hard because I couldn't find a female sonnet writer during the renaissance era so that took two days not to mention that I was sick on Wednesday and we had no school Friday so I totally forgot that I had to finishes that project and get it turned it on time so I took cold medicine which turned out to be Midol and I gave two to my mom and me hahaha and then she had found the actually cold pills and at the time I had no idea what the heck we just took but anyways I took the cold pills and they had me so tired it was crazy and by the time I realized that I had to finished the project I was like so high on cold medicine I could barely stay focused but at least my sonnet came out good I had my mom reread it so I know that it was good and I didn't have like random letters in it, cause I even sent a message to my friend that I don't even remember texting.
Well seeing how I am still sick and my brother wants his computer and this blog is going absolutely no were now I'm going to go to sleep so I can get rid of this cold

oh and p.s I hate birds oh my gosh for the past two days they have woken me up the first day they woke me up at 6:13, 6:13 are you serious I don't even wake up that early on school days and then today they wok me up at 8 and wouldn't stop chirping until I feed them like are you kidding me your birds for crying out loud why are you trying to run my life.

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